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Diversity Programs

If your program, company or institution is dealing with or going to deal with an Indigenous community you need this training.

Diversity training is the pathway to success for any outside organization wanting successful outcomes in Indigenous communities.

Our diversity program is a must if you are thinking about developing a program in an Indigenous community. We can help you develop a positive approach for what the Indigenous community needs rather than what you think they need. Though some grant driven organizations have provided sound projects they failed by not knowing the community they want to work with.

Project Indigenous can help you understand the differences in business concepts, community unity and politics, as well as issues that may affect a successful outcome. Knowing the basic foundations of Indigenous will help your organization work well in the Indigenous environment.

Our programs will:

• Research histories
• Explain issues
• Develop a study model for you staff
• Share 30 years of insights from an Indigenous point of view
• Help develop a sound approach for successful outcomes for your program
• Stay connected if requested

Mr. Frazier and Mr. Ybarra have years of experience with Non Indigenous grants. They are whiling to share their experience with you so your Indigenous program is successful.

Start up research is essential in developing a sound program. Let us help you be successful.

Mr. Frazier received Diversity training at Reed College Summer Institute and Train the Trainer training from Rattle and Rattler Diversity Training.

For further information please contact us.
Diversity Programs

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