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I spoke with the old man when I was young and asked him about dreams. He had an interesti9ng take on most things and dreams were no different.
He told me that dreams are understandings that we cannot realize on this level of time. It was a simple answer and over the years I had tried to understand what he meant by learning from my dreams and trying to unfold them in this time.
In my travels I have heard many dreams from many people, some of the dreams should have been unfolded but the dreamer was not awake enough to bring the dream into reality. When holding a ceremony we wait to learn from the dream to establish things are appropriate.
There are some people who are the dreamer, that is they walk the walk of dreaming for the people as a tool to understanding, but these people are rare. Not only are they rare most people who ask the dreamer to unfold the dream rarely do as they are told. That is, if a person is to hold a ceremony and they ask the dreamer to help, the dreamer will unfold the ceremony as true to form as possible, but then it is our job to do as we are told. That is called keeping the faith. However over my life time I have seen many people change what the dreamer says and make things fit according to money, ego, or gender. This creates a tsunami effect to the fabric of the ceremony.
I have also seen many people believe that every eagle that flies over head is their personal messenger. They believe they are so connected to the earth that every earth quake has announced themselves to them. They think that every dream has a plan for them and them alone. It is an overwhelming mistake to believe this way. The eagle flies, the dream unfolds but is this path of life or is it an announcement to awaken.
When the dream comes you need to open it to someone who has the power to awaken the dream. Not everyone has the power to open a dream yet so many think they understand and flop around giving people false understanding.
My advice is to find a person who has the power to unfold the dream, follow the path and enjoy the awakening. Don’t be afraid enjoy the call and relax.

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