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Dreams 2

When I was in the Andes this past winter I met people that I felt were waiting for a dream to unfold. I was told by my grandfather that during my life there would be a great change. The funny thing is I have seen many changes that are not technology. I have seen the end of some species without ever seeing them or knowing their names. I have seen a loss of power in the ceremonies because the leaders have forgotten their lines. I have seen men and women vie for power and people argue driven by drugs in their minds. I have seen the comeback of the wolf, buffalo, eagle and Indigenous people.
What I have seen people come to the ceremonial pole and forget why they came. They have forgotten to meet the sun in the morning; they have forgotten to say good night. I think that if a great change that Indigenous people of the south and north have understood is coming the rest of the world will expect a light show and fireworks.
It is a time of the blending of light and water. It is a time of Indigenous work in the world not to control but to flow with and generate environmental awareness.
I am grateful to have met the people of the south. I hope they are watering the seeds and the change they expect will come in time to grow. That we learn to flow with time rather than damage the fabric, that we find the softness and become less afraid, that we feel the pulse of the Universe rather than become impulsive in emotion.
Some people think that dreams are a door way to a different teaching. It is time to awaken from the dream and share with the earth the moisture of love.

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