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Full Term

It is always sad to see something end before it is allowed to reach full term.
I remember collecting plants with my clan grandfather. We asked the plants which ones wanted to go to help the people. We did not harvest anyone before they were full of power. We did not harvest a plant that would bloom in two weeks because we were considering shipping. We harvested when the plant had reached full term.
How did we know when a plant was full term? We asked them.
Recently I saw a group of children picking flower buds and throwing the buds on the ground so they could step on them. I thought about the pain the plant must experience seeing not only the cellular development being wasted but also the possibilities for the future not being given a chance to develop.
What we do can change the universe. Understanding a traditional concept like “we are all related” means how we are related to all things in the universe not just people. If a raindrop does not reach the earth because we built a house in its way means the soil will not be nourished and become dried out. Because the human has changed the makeup of the planet we have forgotten our relationship and destiny. Some people no longer hear the raindrop but rather only hear noise.
We live in a universe of change. Our inertia results in surprise to that change and we become victims of understanding. Some people claim an eagle that flies overhead of hundreds of seeing eyes as an answer to their life like little children picking buds in the spring. Not letting the moment go to term is the result of human climate change.

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