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Living in Town

This winter has been seasonably warm. That is to say that 60 degrees is pretty warm for January in the plains of Montana. When I look back I have spent many of my January’s in doors but one winter I decided to go out and camp in the Pryor Mountains for a couple of days. It was cold alright and the night felt like my arms could break of if I left the uncovered too long.

I remember I found a good camp site between some rocks. I could build a fire up against one of the taller ones and not only heat the rock but get light off them once the sun went down. All good plans and worked just as I had wanted. The first night I had little wind problems. The nights was still and cold. During the next day I looked around for more wood and keep a pot of snow on the fire for hot water. I was really out there, feeling the environment getting back to the earth.

During the afternoon the wind came up and blew the snow everywhere. My camp site was good, warm and toasty. So I climbed up on the tall rock with the fire below and sat in the heat of the fire smoke and watched the world all around. I watched the wind catch the snow and blow it like a cloud . The snow made the wind visible and it would sting your face if your face was not covered with something.

After a couple of days I began to get a little restless and bored looking a the wind and snow. I needed to go look at something else just to get moving. I decided to move camp so I packed everything up which was very little and I headed out. Before long I was back at my truck so I jumped in and decided I would really move camp to another part of the mountain. I got very comfortable sitting in that truck with the heater on so I decided to go back to town. Once I got to town I went to my house and realized why I live in town.

There are many reasons why I live in town. One is that I like the conveniences, second is I get bored sitting in one place too long, and a third I learned from that trip is; once an animal gets settled down in the winter and I come along and scare it away, it takes a lot of work for that animal to get settled again. Just because I wanted to see the winter wonderland in the harshest of days could mean life or death for an animal conserving calories or body fat. It is important to understand our environment but it is also important to learn to share the environment with those who live in the spaces we visit. We should become considerate of all things at all times.

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