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This last week of editorials in Indian country has opened up many discussions about stereotypes. It is a difficult discussion for many of us because we have been treated with such unfortunate disrespect. Many of us don’t want to be whiners but try to educate from experience. Some of us walk a multi-path lifestyle because we are not limited by the crippling cancer of racism.
When I started to think about Project Indigenous as a tool to teach, I first thought about using the humanities to teach about the Indigenous community. It was my intention to teach and share because it is important to understand diversity as well as claiming identity.
From listening to the Native speakers in congress concerning stereotypes, I hear similar comments in their presentations. I believe what I am hearing are that many people having little education in Indigenous culture, identity or community. I feel that if more education about differences in cultures were available in a true format more true understanding would grow in future generation. It is also important to know that the teaching that Hollywood has given the world only misinforms with misinformation.
It was important to listen to the panel concerning stereotyping in congress because they are educating those who want to be educated

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