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Things are looking up

Things are looking up!

Just to let you know things are looking up after having been stalled for about a year.

What I learned: I learned a lot over the past few weeks about how not to depend on people who really don’t care and how to relax when people who do care help you out.

I started Project Indigenous when my position as the Executive Director of a water education project ran out of money. It was some what funny to me because the week before I was let go a person was hire to do work that I could have done. The only problem about working for this group in the end was that they really did not care about Indigenous people their only goal was money. The fact was they really did not care about the topic we were teaching about and that was water. It was money, money and money.

I was actually relieved to finish the relationship as a water educator. There were many experiences that were humiliating regarding the executive staff and I can only say no one ever defended Indigenous people or their need for high quality education in the near ten years I worked there.

Thus I formed Project Indigenous. I started this program with the idea of having a better understanding of Indigenous problems and issues giving a better point of view. I had a couple of people that wanted to help me so they set up different options of media like this blog. I depended on them and when they walked away left me with useless tools that I could not use.

During the tenure of set up of PI, a young man came along that has been overwhelmingly helpful. Over the past few weeks he has sorted out the unbelievable web and blog mess leaving me with something I can actually use. I have learned a lot from him about being a good person. He knows I am computer skill level zero but has had the courtesy and patients to talk me through things. I have found few people like this in my work history and each time you or I look at any of this material concerning Face Book, the Blog or Project Indigenous web site think of him and give him a blessing. Without him none of this would be working. It would be where it was the day music died for PI.

I look forward to exciting things in the spring and summer, with Abby’s Three Sister gardening project, trips back east and south to Ecuador in June.

I hope people can relax with the economy and hire us to do some work for them. I look forward to the best year for Indigenous people and Project Indigenous.

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