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Time to Change

Thirty five years ago today I made a life changing decision. I did not realize it at the time how big a change I would make. I did not realize that the path I was on would have gone nowhere except the grave. I was so interested in the party lifestyle I saw nothing but party until I had a dream.

In November of 1976, I had a dream that my grandfather came to me and asked me to review my life path. I was not sure what review ment but I looked at my life and those around me and I realized I needed to change or I would end up either in prison or dead. The party was becoming a lifestyle. So I went to my clan uncle Tom Yellowtail and asked him to send me to the mountain the next summer. He was a perfect choice to lead the way and find a new path because he had quit the demons years before so he knew my struggles. He once told me that when he was young there were only about 15 or so people on the reservation that drank alcohol and everyone knew who they were. He said now there are only about 15 people who did not drink and everyone knows who they are. That was 34 years ago when he said that to me. Today I don’t know how the numbers add up.

Thirty some years ago with the help of an old man, I sat on a mountain and found the love of the First Maker. I felt the Pulse of the Universe and became conscious. Few believed what came to be but some supported my quest and I thank them for their faith in me.

I understand the life of the party and going with the friends laughing and being crazy, but if the friends take the road of tragedy then you need to change drivers. Trade the party for the ceremony of living. It is a harder road but much more rewarding.

Each person, animal and plant has a potential for the planet and universe. The understanding that we are all related is not just regarding people. The human is not the center of the Universe, we are part of a pulse; being born, giving birth, living, and dying. The demons job was to keep us from our potential. It is an ancient story visible today in every car crash.

It is such a waste to give your hard-earned money or your per cap away. It is such a shame to destroy your potential and support those who want to destroy you. Remember that there are choices as seen at the center pole of the Sun Dance. You can get up and dance or lay in your bed moaning.

For those of you who have faced the demon and won, I salute you. For those of you that struggle with the demons, I give you my hand to help you up, for those of you who are the families of those who struggle, I give you my prayers.

We need each other to become the people we are in the future. We need to repair the hoop that was broken.

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