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I have been rereading material that I was once quite fluent about. Stories I was told by my grandfather. The stories are regarding the beginning of time and the setting of the directions. Who is first and that sort of thing. As I was reading I thought about how my grandfather would always add that this is how I was to view things when making decisions. He would always remind me that I should never think about myself but that I should include myself in the family. As I write some times I feel strange writing the word I , because of his insistence that I am, we. ( Intended to say it that way) That is We are Tribal and not solo, alone in the world. So often I hear the phrase “we are all related” To me that means everything even those that are gone from this reality. We are taught to think four generations ago and seven generations ahead. Thinking like that holds us in this time or now.

While remembering the old stories, I to understand a couple of things: 1. We have been influenced for a long time in regards to the powers and spirits. We have blended the basics for others to understand our ways, and created a different idea of the beginning. 2. The complexity of the Peoples of the past in understanding what was needed to fashion the Creation has not been empowered to our time. Our old people were a treasure beyond measure and their value will never be considered as truth. and measured as equal to the dominate society.

I encourage everyone to know the stories of the beginning of their people. Teach the stories to the young and continue the cycle of our knowledge.

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