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Mr. Frazier has been invited to participate in a conference in Ecuador in June. More information as it comes in.

Here is a little more info: Hola Cuenca!

My name is Sarah Hanen Bauer and my son, Leif, and I have lived in Cuenca for just over 2 years. During this time I have watched the international community grow rapidly in Cuenca. In many ways it’s the talk of the town! I have also noticed that, at times, it appears difficult for the local and foreign communities to merge. This, typically, doesn’t appear to happen out of a lack for want, it’s just that it can be a bit intimidating to dive right into a culture and a community that is a bit outside our comfort zone….that goes for both sides.

In response to this, I have been working with an extremely dynamic and motivated group of Cuancanos. They have formed a collective called Madre Tierra. This is formed by a variety of groups and organizations in the area. The objective of la Colectiva Madre Tierra is to help unite our global community by first uniting our local community ~ local, foreign, indigenous, mestizo, urban and rural ~ and sharing a unified love of and respect for our mother earth.

We are putting on a 4 month long event called Festival Madre Tierra with each month highlighting a specific topic. The month of March will focus on water, April will focus on diversity, May will focus on ancestral wisdom, and June will focus on spirituality. Each month will host one main event, however, we will augment these events with other activities such as workshops that focus on culture and ways in which we can connect with our planet. We will also provide guided walks into the beautiful spaces surrounding the Cuenca area. These walks will focus on sharing local history, Andean spirituality and the science behind the nature. All workshops and walks will be TRANSLATED so, if your Spanish isn’t up to snuff quite yet, have no fear. This is a concentrated effort to bridge these amazing cultures, this incredible American Culture we are a part of. Language should not be a deterrent!

Our first events begin this week:

XI Festival Madre Tierra: El agua y la común unidad

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