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Rich or Poor

Wealth is an interesting concept. Some see wealth as small shiny valuable things. Things like gold, silver or diamonds. When I was a kid, I though I was wealthy if I had candy in my pocket or a quarter to buy some candy. My mother and grandmother both had a sweet tooth so there were times when we had candy. Mostly though we had fruit they had caned in the fall for our sweet intake.
My grandparent’s wealth was family. They had two daughters and one son that provided them with six grandchildren. When we all got together for different occasions, we were wealthy making my grandparents very happy. Having said that, no one had large sums of money or small shiny things, but we were rich in family.
After my grandfather crossed over, our times of gathering as a family ceased and my grandmother just visited us separately. She used to come and stay with me for a month every summer or visit in the fall. When she visited sometimes I would take her out on a date to a Lawrence Welk concert. She would tell me that she and my grandpa would go over to the next town in South Dakota and dance to that music. She said his concert gave her good memories of my grandpa.
When I was younger and wanting a family I spotted a girl that I thought was wonderful. I went to my clan uncle and his wife and asked about her. They told me that I needed to forget it because she was wealthy and I was poor. Her family was highly thought of in the tribe and I was nobody. My family had left the Tribal community long ago because of work and boarding schools. No one remembers my family sees my wealth. They told me that her family would never allow me in and I would be wasting her and my time so just move on and forget it. So I did. Later I actually found a wonderful life with a beautiful woman so no regrets but I have an understanding of wealth of possibilities.
A person can lose all kinds of wealth and be poor. Some Tribal people believe that no one should be left out of the people, no one should be poor. My experience has found that the pulse of the Universe brings things close to the center and then brings them far from the center. Sometimes we are rich and some times we are poor. Some say a woman has a better chance of staying wealthy than a man because of her nurturing and children, but a man can nurture and has children as well.
Wealth is a very interesting thing. Wealth of memories, family, culture and self. If you think you are wealthy it helps, if you think you are poor then you are really poor.

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