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The Sky Has Holes

As our world comes to the tipping point is there anything we can do about it?
By Scott Frazier

March 10, 2012
(I wanted to rewrite this piece about fracking and try it again. )
The world, especially the United States is being targeted for redirection. Redirection is what a magician does when his trick is soft. The magician takes your attention off the point of reference and redirects it while change happens. Then the magician directs you back to the subject and something has happened and that is magic.
Years ago I sat listening to old Native men talking about how disrespectful scientists were by poking holes in the sky. They thought that the balance of the atmosphere was critical to your well being. The old men were referring to the rockets, missiles, and the space programs of the 1960’s and I thought they were out of touch. The holes fill in with atmosphere once the object passes through was my thought.
I have thought about those days recently as we are coming to a tipping point of catastrophic measure.
Yesterday I was visiting with my neighbor and I heard myself talking about how the structure of the earth would come to a point that would make it unstable from the mining, drilling and now, the mining process called fracturing. I smiled at myself knowing that I have come full circle as I am not sitting with the old men now, but speaking as one.
I tried to explain to my neighbor that the earth took millions of years to solidify into what we know as our home today. The structure is based on internal and external pressures that hold the structure together. The human being has now come along and removed the fluidity of the planet by installing cities of concrete and asphalt. Ground water is diverted from the underground streams and pollutants choke the streams and water ways. Parts of the planet that were designed to move are drying out because of the lack of lubrication from water, and from the drilling processes for oil and natural gas. Rain water that is to assist in lubrication is also diverted so that humans can stay dry.
Added to the loss of lubrication is the endless thought that we can poke holes in the earth and remove natural gas, oil and water. My neighbor thought this was pretty funny that I thought that the earth could not stand up to all the drilling. In fact, his belief was that even if we drilled more holes and fractured out all the natural gas, there would be no effect on the planet. My thought, of course, was not about a day where nothing happens, but a day when the plates of our planet want to shift so the planet can readjust. The day of planetary realignment is the day all those little holes will cause an effect we were not counting on happening. This is the day we meet the tipping point and the planet will adjust to a new balance.
The effect of the natural world is the natural science we cannot prevent but only learn from as we observe it. The area around fault lines should not be tampered with while searching for fracturing sites. In fact we should not fracture the earth at all because we are disrupting the natural balance of the planet. Many scientists are looking for the surface change in the climate. However, we are causing a subsurface change that will cause a mixing of the balance, or glue, that holds the planet together. If the surface and subsurface changes happen simultaneously, the tipping point will exclude most of the surface of our planet as we know it.
I do not know the solutions to our problems but my feeling is that we need to find new methods of transportation, clean our streams, leave the earth to do its job and not fall to the grasp of money. Unfortunately, I know that some people will think I am out of touch as I did about the old men and the sky, but it is good to know that I love the earth as did the generations I listened to when I was young.

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