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My friend in Ecuador often talks about the Eagle and the Condor prophecy. I have heard of this prophecy for nearly all my life. Over the years many people have exchanged their information about spiritual ways from north to south and south to north. I want to share a couple of experiences I had over the years.

When the Olympics were in Atlanta my step son was going to race at Stone Mountain, so we went to support and watch. We drove from Montana to Atlanta, a road trip of a lifetime. People donated funds for our travels and we stayed at a family’s home north of the city. Each day we took a train to the city and each day I would see a group of men playing flutes by the station in the city. They were dressed in southern outfits and they were selling cds of their music they called Cusco. The night that the bomb was detonated in the Olympic Village we went to see what was going on. Just before the bomb went off we were standing in the square listening to the men from the south playing their flutes. I went over to talk to them and they gave me a cd. We were home safe when the bomb went off.

Some time later I was given a trip to Alaska to visit the glaciers. I took a boat up the inland passageway so I could see the land and the waters. I don’t remember where we were but the boat docked at a town and as I was leaving the boat I could hear flute music. When I got to land I went looking for the flute players and sure enough it was the same group I had met in Atlanta. We had a good hug and I went off in my direction and they went off in their direction.

When I first went to Ecuador I expected to see these men playing their music but I did not. What I heard first was the songs of the city. Second I heard the songs of the frogs and nature. The sounds were very similar to the world of the north so I was happy. The last trip I took last fall I heard young people singing and playing instruments and their songs made me happy.

When I visit with my relations in Ecuador I am not interested in prophecies. People from the north and south have been exchanging for a long time. Some people have traveled to unfold the prophecy and some because it is the right thing to do. I told my friend that I was interested only in sharing and not the prophecy. If we share to unfold something our intention was to make something become the outcome but if we shared and the prophecy unfolded then let the children sings songs about us when we are gone.

I travel when I am invited. I tell only stories I know are true. My intention is to share the acknowledgement of the pulse of the universe. I don’t know much about anything else really. What I do know is that if a person wants a spiritual journey they first must go to the mountain in prayer, but be careful what you pray for and speak from the heart.

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