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The Earth is a classroom that is open to discovery. People who learn about the Earth and the Earth’s pulse know more wonderful knowledge about the existence of change than a person studying the self.

A person sitting outside in a rain storm will learn more about the rain than a person looking out the window. When it rains there is a smell, there is coolness, the world fills with sound in a change. When a person is looking out the window there may be only the sound of the rain hitting the window and a person can only dream.

Once the world of learning was filled with the knowledge of earth, wind, fire and water, then the academics changed that approach to be solid, gas, heat, and liquid. It is still the Earth’s pulse but the academics in their minds, made it more intelligent sounding. The Earth’s pulse did not change only the academics approach. Earth Science began to look out the window.

The Earth is raw; it is what it is and is in constant change. If we look at water we are seeing the purist form of love. Water will join with anything. Water changes color if mud joins after a storm. Water will join with any runoff that is in contact. If there is heat, water changes to gas. If atmosphere with water in it comes in contact with a cool wind, there may be rain, snow, mist or fog. Water loves to change and loves to be water. The sea of water, of our world is involved with everything else on our planet. Some say everything is connected through water, but this in not a true statement. This statement is made by academics looking out a window and they are only seeing what they are not experiencing. Water is only part of the truth and the truth for water is love.

In the stories, I heard from my grandfather the Earth was formed from loneliness. In reality the Earth was formed from love and wanting to share the experience with another. Thus the reality of earth, wind, fire and water joined together and the Creator provided time.

Time is not simple knowledge. The academics teach us that time is past, present, and future. I see past as rock, it can not be changed, it is solid. I see the present as water in a stream; it can not stay and is gone before we know it. The future is a mist of things to come; nothing in the future is solid, it is only a dream of fog.

Academics have a purpose for those who live inside and look outside. They consider this observation, but the knowledge of the Earth is everywhere waiting for everything to experience the moment. It is what we do if we think about it or not. Everything is connected it is what holds this moment in the past.

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