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The World WE Eat

Everyday I hear conversations regarding obesity in our country. When I go to visit people nationally and internationally, I tend to look at the size of people. I think to myself are the people tall, short, big, little or are the people overweight. The problem of people being over weight has become an epidemic world wide.

I thought I would do a study regarding food recently and came up with a few interesting points I thought were staggering. The first one was a rant by Bill Maher regarding the fish supply in the ocean. A number of years ago I researched the salmon supplies on in the Columbia River basin. There was a quote from an early explorer that said there were so many salmon during the run in the fall that a person could walk on the salmon in the river. This sort of quote is always disturbing to me because the old pioneers always said stuff like that. They said it was so cold the train froze to the tracks or if you spit into the air, it would freeze and bounce on the ground. So I really did not put a lot of faith in walking on the salmon until I saw a machine that was like a paddle wheel that scooped up the salmon by the ton that was made for commercial use. The commercial fishing industry took advantage of the resource of wild salmon but did not let the resource rebound. They continued to remove too much and nature could not rebound so the Columbia does not have salmon where a person could walk on their backs.
How does the reduction of salmon on the Columbia and obesity correlate? The wide spread of over harvesting of natural food sources drive people to fast food and poor quality food selection.
When I was a kid my mother and grandmother canned food from gardens during the fall for use year long. My father and I hunted and fished for our meat source and our family bought very little at the food store and rarely went out to dinner. The food my mother bought at the store was generally dairy products, vegetables and salad makings.
My father was a good hunter and hunted for the family when he was very young in South Dakota. The culture of life was different than but there were overweight people, but their diet was different than our families.
The reason I am talking about food today is because spring in near, people should begin to think about their Three Sister Gardens. Spring is planting time for your beans, squash ands corn. It is time to think about how you can take care of your health by growing some of your own food. There is a great amount of pleasure watching the little plants grow into food for you. It will help you open the door to the pulse of the Earth and reset you bio-clock. Sometimes, I remember helping my grandma with the canning while the other boys were playing. She treated everything with love and care. Growing a garden with your children will give you time together and time for you to teach about the Earth we live. Good luck and remember to water.

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