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I may write some words, some of you may not like.

I may write some words, some of you may not like.
Over the past few months, I have been getting some pretty desperate messages from people. I would like to address some of these topics so I am clear about how I feel.
First, the plastic shaman thing and make believe Indian thing.
There is a great misunderstanding that one belief is better than another. Social media does not show the whole story. Project Indigenous (PI) has not judge anyone because of race, religion, skin color, reading ability, but we do not support false representation.
Having said that, there were many young men and women praying before 1978 that brought the freedom we now exercise. Their prayers were for us not to bicker about each other and be negative; they wanted us to carry on what was left of our culture and be free to pray.
Once the Freedom of Religion Act was enacted then lots of people came to the Rez. Red, white, black, and some multi colored. Some of our elders liked the outsider with their money and no one knows what was given away in truth or not. So, lots of people make all kind of claims. For example: my Uncle was given a bundle for the Sun Dance. He was a good man and was a successful Sun Dance leader. In his later years he gave away the power but not the bundle. He eventually gave the bundle to a German woman. Some of the people know this story but some do not. The story is tragic at so many levels, but we must go forward. So where do we go?
Many Native people went to the Fasting place in the 70’s and 80’s. Some of those that came to pray could not flourish on the Rez. They lived in the cities and endured the racism from the majority. Look for your new elders “as profits write on a subway wall”. We are going forward with All the rest of everybody. What is going to happen is going to happen to pretty much everyone around the world.
My whole hearted suggestion to my wiener friends is to quit judging people using social media; you may need to survive with your most worse best friend. Learn how to grow things, learn how to survive. Survive!

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