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Workshops are the best bang for your buck.
Project Indigenous has found that workshops are the most practical application for best practices. Our workshops cover a wide variety of topics and we can develop a workshop for your needs.
Workshops may include:
• Diversity Training 101
• Diversity Training Advanced
• Diversity Training Train The Trainer
• Histories
• Spiritual Customs
• No One Tribe is the same
• Pulse [...]

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Maybe you want a longer involvement with Project Indigenous than just a few hours. Then we suggest a retreat might be a better method of teaching.
Retreats can be a way to slow down the busy lifestyle of modern society. Maybe people need to walk along the river or hear the sounds of the environment. [...]

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Mr. Frazier and Mr. Ybarra have studies Native American Issues all their lives. They are passionate about histories, education and issues concerning Native People. They have taught Traditional Environmental Education locally, nationally and internationally. Mr. Frazier worked 9 years as a Traditional trainer for Project WET and Mr. Ybarra worked —- years for Project Learning [...]

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Diversity Programs
If your program, company or institution is dealing with or going to deal with an Indigenous community you need this training.
Diversity training is the pathway to success for any outside organization wanting successful outcomes in Indigenous communities.
Our diversity program is a must if you are thinking about developing a program in an [...]

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An overview

Project Indigenous takes a broad cultural approach to native people and their relationship to the world in developing all its programs. Regardless of the audience, all presentations given reflect the deep respect for Indigenous peoples around the world. As active educators in the various fields relating to the preservation and respect of Native lands, [...]

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